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Incidents into the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Incidents into the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Touma returns to help you Academy Town essentially the exact same, a little unfazed by the of many risks so you can his lives, as the shown by the their nonchalant a reaction to Kuroyoru Umidori fighting him in his own restroom. [16]

These hesitations were later thrown on piece of cake inside the competition which have Othinus, and after the guy forgotten the guy conceded winnings plus the industry so you can the woman

Although not, shortly after later on occurrences, especially this new events one triggered the creation of Research Guardian and also the distortion that took place Baggage Area, Touma has begun to quit thinking the folks the guy meets, despising the reality that their steps, such as saving people, are increasingly being controlled on the undertaking far more suffering to have others’ ends up. [17] Although not, throughout the his confrontation facing Leivinia Birdway, Touma fundamentally disregards their worries out-of inability, betrayal, or being controlled. [18]

In addition to this, Leivinia figures up their identification – looking for themselves getting put in issues in place of others, which have your battle, bringing himself damage – as insanity. [19] In reality, perhaps the Usually of one’s Whole Misaka Network carry out after question to your his “unconditional need certainly to place himself lower than anyone”. [20] Despite Leivinia getting an individual who looks at leaders and you may charismatic leadership, she you should never know what pushes Touma, just who punctually informs their that he doesn’t have cause so you can abandon people who need saving to begin with, [19] a definite reference to his “I do not need a description to store somebody” mindset. Additionally, Aiwass’ comments towards Touma being labeled “righteous” by anyone else is referenced. Leivinia compares your to Aleister Crowley and you may Laura Stuart, and you can describes your because the obtaining seed to act indescribably high, that offer your great power in the event the the guy control they, otherwise was devastating getting him when the he will not. [19]

On Agitate Halation Arch, Touma was happy to beat Rensa, knowing full well which he you will kill Yakumi Hisako (who’d became a point believe becoming and had entered Rensa’s body) together with his right hand, in order to save this lady. not, this may be also while the he had been positive that Rensa perform be able to save yourself Hisako prior to he might ruin the woman. Actually, Hisako live and you can try protected of becoming completely missing by the Imagine Breaker once Touma beaten the girl, because of Rensa’s procedures. [21]

Afterwards, shortly after in the end losing to your nadir out of depression on Omega Business (a scene where we have all already been stored perfectly) and you can wanting to going suicide, Touma in the end do one thing getting his very own convenience immediately following particular persuading about Commonly of your own Whole Misaka System. Right here, he allows he desires return to their own globe, in which their steps had definition in place of being in the perfect globe, and try willing for this is unmade. [20] Despite this, throughout their battle with Othinus, the fresh publisher of the industry, there’s nonetheless some doubt within his center, when he also wished to protect that perfect globe. [22]

Almost every other faculties

Purportedly down seriously to Imagine Breaker negating his luck, Touma are unfortunate and frequently bemoans his disease when confronting an enthusiastic unfortunate problem together with popular catchphrase: “Such as for example misfortune!” (???!, Fukou da!) (“Rotten/really luck” from the English dubbed variation). not, irrespective of his personal bad luck Touma thinks that he is not regretful for being unfortunate, and you will says that he like to end up being unfortunate and help people than simply become fortunate and become happier rather than notice individuals who is actually suffering. He states one to becoming sad try his fortune and it would be the road which he continues to walk-on. [12] It has got some fallen out of include in New-testament, going back merely immediately following his ordeals that have Othinus have left.

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